Fish and chips at a church weekend

Church life at St Saviour’s goes beyond just meeting for a few hours on Sunday. We are a community of Christians, seeking to be disciples of Jesus in our parish, our city and beyond. Our mission and vision is ‘Growing and Going with God’ by spreading the love of God in word and action to those who don’t yet know about His love, or who are struggling in their faith.

We love God and try to follow His lead. We welcome people of all ages, whatever their situation. There are meetings and events for adults to meet up socially and for spiritual growth, and we have lots of activities for children and families, and young people too. Prayer is central to all we do, and we have seen God working powerfully in the life of the church. From a recent listening exercise, this is what people say about St Saviour’s:

a place of solace and strength

 “a place I can relax, and share anything, and won’t be judged

a real place of warmth and fellowship

one big happy family

At our weekly services, we meet together to worship God, to receive practical bible-based teaching, to encourage and support one another and pray together.