At St Saviour’s we believe that prayer is the boiler room of the church, an idea shared initially by C.H. Spurgeon who believed that prayer meetings are the machinery of the church. It is our experience that when we pray we see God move and we see situations change. Everything we do as a body of believers is soaked in prayer; we are committed to encouraging prayer in every aspect of church and personal life. We have a prayer chain which ensures that any needs or situations that arise are quickly met with prayer by the church family.

We believe in the power of prayer and regard it as an enormous privilege to talk with God and listen to Him. All church members are invited to join together in a bimonthly prayer meeting where we have the opportunity to pray for the needs of those both near and far. All of us face challenges, but by sharing and praying together we can support and uphold one another in the most critical times. It is through the discipline of corporate prayer that we can also create a spiritual bond with each other. Where there is prayer, there is also unity.

Regular Prayer Times

Every Sunday Morning 9.30–10 a.m. prayer in the Upper Room (youth and prayer room):

Prayer for worship to be anointed and for all those who will take part; listening to God for His Word for the

Every Wednesday Morning 8.30 a.m. prayer in church

Short morning prayer with intercession for church members and activities.

See Calendar for additional set days of prayer