Grace Station

Grace Station is a core St Savoiur’s ministry. Over the past year, we have been hosting a simple cake and coffee stand by our church gates. We gather on a Tuesday morning at 10:00am to greet the public – and to offer some gentle hospitality to whomever may pass by.

Grace Station is operated as a Holy Spirit ministry.

We look to pray over ever patron that stops. Through casual and often heartfelt conversation, we seek to understand God at work in the other – and how He is calling others to faith in Jesus Christ. We share prophetic words, pictures and invite the Holy Spirit in to minister directly to people’s joys, crises, triumphs and disasters.

We have expanded this to include two streetside stations. GS is our ‘no fuss, no muss’ mission to get prayer into the grass roots of our communities. To date, we have served hundreds … and we want to reach more.

Everything is free – hard to believe, right? But this is the good news of Jesus Christ all over.