The Larder

The Mission …

In an ideal world, we all know there shouldn’t be a need for things like Larders. But the reality is that more than a few of our neighbours don’t have enough food. We don’t judge. We want everyone to be free of the threat of food poverty. So we set up the Larder with three goals:

  1. To help those who need food – get food. We focus on providing non-perishable food items, as well as some fruit & veg.
  2. To help eliminate food waste by accepting donations from local shops, supermarkets and households.
  3. To respect the dignity of those who come along. We do this by offering our food to everyone, no questions asked.

Christmas Bags of Joy

Over the Christmas holiday period we really felt the need to reach out in a special way. So many of our patrons come to the Larder for the bare essentials. Christmas Bags of Joy were filled with all the things that make a kitchen feel Christmassy - from hot cocoa to chocolates.

If you’re interested in making a donation, or volunteering to help with the Larder, please email :